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Our values


AtomVie promotes the welfare of employees, patients and the environment and continually seeks ways to improve safety in all aspects of its daily activities.


Members of AtomVie conduct themselves in a manner that is honest, professional and mindful of colleagues, customers, partners and the community at large.


Members of AtomVie seek to achieve the highest levels of excellence and compliance in every aspect of the company’s work from safety to research and development.

Strive for Results

Members of AtomVie take ownership and personal accountability. We are goal-oriented, solutions-focused and results-driven. Because of our positive can-do attitude, we continually strive to go above and beyond.


AtomVie cultivates an environment that fosters continuous improvement and forward thinking. We solve business, technical and scientific challenges using innovative perspectives.
why work with us

Why work for AtomVie?

Niche Industry – Radiopharmaceuticals

Working in a niche industry such as radiopharmaceuticals opens up a variety of opportunities for specialization and becoming an expert in the field. It is also easier to make connections with people in smaller industries. These two factors lead to higher satisfaction rates amongst employees working in the radiopharmaceuticals industry in comparison to general industries!

Collaborative Environment

AtomVie fosters a collaborative work environment as it has proven to benefit our employees and the organization. A collaborative environment allows us to work more efficiently and effectively as we learn more from each other. It also encourages problem solving amongst our employees, leading to higher achievements. We believe in teamwork as it helps eliminate vertical hierarchy and encourage everyone to share their thoughts contributing to employee wellness and engagement and an overall positive workplace atmosphere.

Opportunity for Long-term Growth

AtomVie offers its employees opportunities for growth as a newly spun-out radiopharmaceutical company that is growing. We believe that these opportunities will also contribute to employee engagement. We encourage our employees to pursue their professional and personal goals at work.

Extensive Training and Career Development

We understand the great responsibility that comes with working in this industry due to its niche nature and complicated logistics, therefore AtomVie employees go through a period of extensive training once hired. Our training aims to create a learning environment that will help employees expand their knowledge and skills. Moreover, we invest in our employees’ success and growth by ensuring that training is provided for both new and existing staff to prepare them for taking on greater responsibilities.

Group Health, Dental Benefits and Perks

Our benefits package is one of the most comprehensive benefits offered as it has competitive coverage for health, vision, dental, supplementary health care, and group retirement savings programs!

Opportunity to Impact Lives

Radiopharmaceutical therapies have been emerging recently as safe and effective targeted treatments for many types of cancers. Radiopharmaceuticals also reduce short-term and long-term side effects seen in other traditional therapies such as chemotherapy. As an AtomVie employee, you will get to make difference in patients’ lives while also contributing to an industry that is growing quickly with immense potential.