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Melissa Morley

Atomvie Blog | March 21, 2023
Melissa Morley

I had been searching for a fulfilling role that would challenge me and help define my career when I accepted a position as an Analytical Chemist from CPDC in 2014. Over the years my work ethic and knowledge allowed me to dive deeper technically and stretch into different areas of the organization by assisting colleagues in other departments, and truly learn the business. I’m currently in my ninth year with the company, working as Supervisor of Analytical Development where I’m leading projects and managing a team of people. Day-to-day work for a CDMO within the radiopharmaceutical industry is hectic but very engaging and rewarding. AtomVie is a trustworthy employer with a collaborative culture that leads to great opportunity. I’ve been privileged to work with wonderful people who share the same values and want to succeed. I am proud to invest my time and experience in an organization that is committed to excellence and encourages my professional growth.