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Svetoslav Bratovanov PhD

Atomvie Blog | December 30, 2022
Svetoslav Bratovanov PhD

When I joined the company as a Senior Process Chemist, I was looking for new development opportunities. What I got was so much more. I joined a motivated, extremely talented, and very supportive team of multidisciplinary scientists and radio pharma professionals, who provided me not just with a job, but with a home to thrive, learn and grow. Fast-forward several years and I was promoted to the Lead of Radiopharmaceutical Technology in our development department. In this extraordinary journey, I was privileged to work with cutting-edge technology and to collaborate with leading expert teams from around the world, focusing on next-generation cancer treatments and the development of novel radiopharmaceuticals. In AtomVie we all strive as a team to provide a better future for cancer patients and that makes it the most satisfying career choice I made.